Emergency Grant Program Due to COVID-19

COVID Small Business Grant Program

We received a staggering number of applications for a limited amount of available funding.* In total, more than 1900 applicants across three counties, requesting over $30,000,000 in support, applied for approximately $5,065,000 in available funds. The magnitude of the Covid-19 crisis is illustrated by this stark reality. We regret that more funds were not available to meet the needs of all applicants.

At this time, all grants available from Benton, Grant and Lane counties have been awarded, and all selected applicants have been notified. Community LendingWorks acknowledges the tremendous importance of small businesses to our local communities in the short and long term and will continue to advocate at the local, state, and national levels for increased support for small businesses throughout Oregon.

*CLW administered grant funds on behalf of Benton, Grant, and Lane counties from allocations received by each county from the Governor’s $55,000,000 in financial assistance for small businesses hurt by Covid-19.