Assisting you financially to make your life and our community better

Consumer Lending

We’re not your average lender – we offer safe & affordable loans to help you build a brighter financial future. Our personal loan services are focused on establishing a relationship with you and understanding your specific circumstances and financial needs.

NEW: FREE Financial Counseling / Asesorías Financieras Gratuitas

No matter what your money goal is, CLW can help. CLW partners with DevNW to offer free financial counseling to CLW borrowers. Financial Counseling is an effective and confidential way to develop a goal-oriented budget, strengthen your credit, pay down debt, deal with collections or work towards other financial counseling goals. To meet with a HUD-certified financial counselor at no cost to you, email Lori Stout at and put “Financial Coaching” in the subject line.

No importa cuál sea su meta de ahorro, CLW quiere ayudarlo. CLW se ha asociado con DevNW para ofrecer asesorías financieras gratuitas a los clientes de CLW. Las asesorías financieras son una forma eficaz y confidencial de desarrollar un presupuesto orientado a objetivos, fortalecer su crédito, pagar deudas, negociar colecciones y cobranzas o simplemente trabajar para lograr otros objetivos de ámbito financiero. Para reunirse con un asesor financiero certificado por HUD sin costo alguno para usted, envíe un correo electrónico a Lori Stout a y escriba “Entrenamiento financiero” en la línea de asunto.

Auto Loan

Whether your goal is to purchase a new or used vehicle, lower your monthly car payments or reduce the total interest you pay on your current car loan, CLW is here to assist.

Term: 6-60 months
Interest: 9-12%

Disaster Recovery RV Loan

A Recreational Vehicle loan has been designed to help community members affected by a natural disaster obtain an RV to provide temporary affordable and safe housing during the rebuilding process – which is more often, than not, a long & daunting task. Borrower/Applicant must provide proof of being directly impacted by a natural disaster (i.e. wildfire, flood, etc.) currently or within the past 3 yrs.; we will be flexible about a variety of documentation available, as we know working with recovery systems can be challenging. The RV could be occupied by the applicant, a household/family member, or a prior renter who was also displaced by the disaster.

Term: Up to 6 years

Interest Rate: 7.5% (fixed)

Max Loan Amount: $40,000

Personal Loan

If life throws something unexpected your way, a personal loan can help you keep your debt under control and your finances on track.

Please note: We do not offer debt consolidation or real estate loans.

Term: 6-60 months
Interest: 9-12%

Credit Builder Loan

The Credit Builder loan is a small loan, designed to help you establish or boost your credit profile. CLW’s Credit Builder loan differs from many other ‘credit builder’ products on the market today, as it is set-up more like a savings plan that builds credit.

It is super simple & works like this: you, the borrower, make small monthly payments over a one year period to CLW. We then report your payment history on a monthly basis to 2 out of the 3 major credit bureaus. After 12 months of on-time payments, you’ve established a good payment history and we return the principal balance of the loan back to you.

Term: 12 months
Interest: 6%

“CLW exemplifies community support –support at the right time, the right place, for the right client.”
– Colleen & Stephen Sheehan

Elk Horn Brewery

“The credit builder loan gave me a low-cost alternative to a secured credit card. You begin building credit while also building savings. The interest rate is unbeatable and I loved knowing I could tap into what I’d paid in an emergency with no damage to my credit. At the end of my loan I got a check for my money and a healthy increase in my credit score!”
— Nicholas Chase, Credit Builder Borrower

“You’ve helped me build my credit to the point that I was able to be pre-approved. In less than a year, my credit score has come up over 100 points. In that light the program as served its purpose.”
— Edward Brown, Credit Builder Borrower