Focused on building relationships to help you succeed

Emily Reiman, Executive Director,
Main Office - Springfield, Oregon
Lynn Meyer, Director of Lending,
Main Office - Springfield, Oregon
Lori Stout, Loan Servicing & Program Coordinator,
Main Office - Springfield, Oregon
Yunuen Tavares, Loan Officer,
Regional Office - Oregon City, Oregon

The Board is comprised of community members representing the clients and communities we serve. They are highly skilled individuals that offer a wealth of information from various industries, which has proven to be a great benefit to CLW’s daily operations and continued organizational growth.

  • Jim Plummer - Board Chair
  • Larry Abel - Secretary
  • Troy Reichenberger - Treasurer
  • Ben Pinon
  • David Hill
  • Whitney Cummings

Our Loan Committee consists of 6 individuals with over 90 years of collaborative lending experience. In addition, they bring to the table a wide range of professional & personal knowledge ranging from affordable housing to small business ownership.