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Loan Products

Community LendingWorks provides loans to artisans, microenterprise, agriculture and small businesses that need capital to start or grow. Our loan products are innovative and our underwriting is based on a holistic look at the individual and the business.

Through alliances with financial institutions, economic development agencies and other community partners, we connect with individuals and businesses that need the responsive funding they need to succeed.

As a community development lender, we want to find a financial option that works for you. We take a holistic look at each borrower to help create pathways to success and a financially stable future – regardless of where you are starting out.

Our Loan Products

Market Loan (click for application)

  • For artisans, crafters, market vendors that are looking for a short term loan to get them through the market season.
  • Range $300-$3,000
  • Interest: 12%
  • Term: 6 Months

Micro-Enterprise (click for application)

  • For micro-enterprise businesses that are looking to purchase equipment, inventory, or are looking for a generally smaller loan amount.
  • Range: $1,000- $7,500
  • Interest: 9-12%
  • Term: Up to 60 months

Small Business Loan (click for application)

  • For small businesses that are looking for start-up funding, or are looking to expand an existing business.
  • Range: $7,500 – $50,000 Interest: 9 – 12%
  • Term: Up to 60 months

Credit Builder Loan (click for application)

  • For people with struggling credit that are looking to rebuild, or for people that are looking to build credit.
  • Savings account/loan hybrid.

Consumer/ Auto Loan (click for application)

  • For people that are looking to purchase a car, or other personal uses.
  • Range: $300-$30,000
  • TBD
  • Term: 6- 60 months.

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