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Community LendingWorks (CLW) is a 501c3 Oregon nonprofit corporation and a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) that delivers financial tools designed to create financial stability and economic health for individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

Most of our funds for lending come from borrowed capital. When you invest with us, your community development investment becomes part of CLW’s pool of loan capital. This revolving loan fund helps between 75-100 individuals and small businesses each year.

Your investment is also an important part of our strategy for self-sufficiency. Favorable terms on borrowed capital reduce our interest expenses and improve our profitability, thus reducing the need for operating grant support.

CLW is also an affiliate of NEDCO (Neighborhood Economic Development Corporation). CLW is uniquely positioned to help under-served people achieve their goals, because we partner with NEDCO’s financial literacy, homeownership, and microenterprise education and counseling; and individual development accounts (matched savings toward the purchase of a specific asset).

CLW’s financial tools include personal loans, credit builder loans, small business loans, and home improvement loans designed to help low-income people become financially stable and to finance community and economic development in economically depressed neighborhoods.

We focus on:

  1. Promoting community development and economic development in distressed areas through the introduction of capital otherwise unavailable;
  2. Providing loans and other financial products in arms-length transactions to under-served people;
  3. Delivering education and counseling to such persons to prepare them for, or assist them in, the use of financial products either directly or through contracts with other providers;
  4. Offering a hand-up to low-income and marginalized people by removing obstacles to home and business ownership and business development.

For more information on making a high-impact investment in your community, contact us today.

Lynn Meyer, Director of Community Lending
541-345-0446 |


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