Community LendingWorks

We believe in potential: Providing access to capital, credit, and asset building financial services and products through customized tools that help people work their way toward financial stability. Community LendingWorks is growing rapidly and poised to offer its innovative loan products to more people across Oregon than ever before. This includes: credit builder loans, personal loans, auto loans, micro and small business loans, market vendor loans, small farm loans.

“CLW thinks outside the box—more of a real world, practical approach than the rigid standards you find elsewhere.”
- Mark Nicol, Oregon Wine Lab

We believe in community: Providing financing for community-building projects to develop a strong regional economy with healthy, vibrant neighborhoods where people know the value of investing in their neighbors and themselves. From 2011 – 2014 CLW helped create 209 local jobs.

“CLW exemplifies community support—support at the right time, the right place, for the right client.” – Colleen & Stephen Sheehan, Elk Horn Brewery

We help individuals, families, and communities build a future with promise that’s rich with opportunity.

“NEDCO and Community LendingWorks are leading the way to revitalize not only Springfield, but vital small businesses, the mom-and-pop operations that grow the local food, make the local products, and spend the local dollars that keep a town, and an economy, moving.” – Stuart Phillips, Co-owner of Red Wagon Creamery, CLW Client

Contact info: Lynn Meyer, Director of Community Lending 541-345-0446 |